8 Questions With: RAPHAEL

Launching our new 8 QUESTIONS series is UKNakedMen’s Raphael.

The Brazillian former Porn Star answers some simple but revealing questions, to help us get a better insight into the guy behind the sex god.

What do you find attractive in a guy? Has this changed?

Charm, and intelligence, always.

What kind of sex do YOU like? 

Passionate, with lots of kissing.

What’s a life lesson you’ve learned?

Be yourself. Don’t react to people. Listen more than you talk. Be light. Connect often with nature. Patience and Persistence.

What’s your favourite food?

Brazillian and Japanese!

What’s your favourite book? 

The Power of Kabbalah

What makes you laugh?

Real people make me laugh because I can be myself and I consider myself funny, so the real conversation makes me smile.

What makes you cry? 

Memories. Love. Happiness.

What’s your biggest aspiration in life? 

To live a healthy and happy life.

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