If media is important in representing class, this next one is doubly important. Today, we carry out an analysis on a popular genre of gay pornography in the UK – Chav porn, as we discuss the sexualisation of the working class. 

Dads N Lads Council House Extra Dole, by Triga Films

Things Chavs like: England, Sports brands and beer. The nationalistic imagery associated with chavs is often decoded as closed-mindedness (read; ‘racist’ ‘bigot’), isolationism and being ‘outside’ of the new global village. Interestingly, a feeling of being disenfranchised by a growing ‘globalist liberal elite’ was a common expression of Donald Trump supporters, and Brexit voters. So, who is isolating who here? NOTE: The military and political power structures have a requirement for nationalistic imagery, and they particularly like it when it’s the lower classes who will die for their country – Who do you think they send to war? The rich bastards!

  • Sportswear is a sign of physicality, along with muscles, tattoos and beer (a ‘man’s’ drink) again, reinforcing the image of a ‘fighter’ who will use his body, but not necessarily his mind.
  • This ‘fighter’ image, while useful to the powerful, is also scary to gay men. Masculine aggressiveness has often been used against us – psychologically, and physically.

Class Distinction: In comes the work-man – donning a hi-vis vest and badge, to show us he is employed.

“At least I’ve got a job!” – A confrontation breaks out, as the ‘work-man’ tells the ‘lazy scroungers, who live off the social’ to ‘get a job’. Here’s an interesting division between Working Class and Unemployed class, with the guy in the uniform still part of the ‘same group’ for the purposes of the specialist genre, but making a clear class distinction between the men.

A fight breaks out, as the unemployed man throws a beer can at the workman. There’s that fighter narrative again.

Suddenly, the unemployed man overthrows the workman, grabbing his crotch.

  • Power: There’s a symbolic narrative about one oppressed and disenfranchised group overthrowing another in here that’s going to be appealing to gay men for obvious reasons
  • ‘He thinks he’s better than us!’ – Another key theme. By engaging him in sex you’re challenging the power, and reinforcing the idea that you’re not so different after all.
  • Less fighting. More fucking: Gay men often experience harassment and bullying from other men growing up, so by turning that abuse for being gay, into sex with the boys who were mean to them, they can extinguish the pain of aggression aimed at them while satisfying desires for other men, whose approval we innately seek.

“You’re getting what you deserve!” What does he deserve? The meaning of this is very different for different groups. Positive, if you really want to be fucked by a chav – yeah, give me what I deserve. Negative, if you want to undermine and degrade an individual, for their sexuality or class.

The worker takes his Hi-Vis Jacket off, and gives it to the ‘on the dole’ bottom. He states “Yeah, you look good with that on, don’t you? You fucking worker.” If only getting a new career was this easy.

Another man joins in the fun, instructing the Workman to ‘fuck him’ (repeatedly) and then shouts ‘Go on, you tattooed piece of shit!’, leading him to fuck the bottom even harder and say “Yeah, take it you filthy cock sucker” – This power play is getting interesting, eh?

  • While some may view this is a degrading sexual act, the lines between who is ‘victim’ and who is ‘perpetrator’ here are very blurred. At one point the ‘bottom’ slaps the ‘top’ around the face and calls him a ‘cunt’ and the top slaps back, then the entire group begin spitting at each other. This is in fact, a fascinating form of play fighting. These men aren’t really being mean to each other, but re-enacting the cruelty and violence of the world in a roleplay that teaches men to toughen up to the real world, through practice. At one point the bottom asks the top to ‘ease up’, to which he immediately slows down, leans in, and kisses him.

Role Reversal: The bottom – in his worker jacket – is now on top. The group hold his legs while he aggressively fucks his mate.

“Are you OK?” he asks and then he kisses him gently.

“You got a job? I’m on the fucking social. I’m not working on no fucking till” the voice from the man behind says.

Top Dog? The older male (behind) plays a father-figure role, and subtly dominates throughout.

“Right. I’m on social, you cunt? Get on him.

Get a fucking job. A proper fucking job.

‘fuck you’ he replies.

“no fuck you. Fuck you.”

Go on, spunk all over him.

Go on you filthy cunt.

Fucking lazy piece of fucking shit, just reading fucking meters.

That’s all you fucking do for a living.

Go on, you fucking cunt.

Fucking taking the piss out of fucking us

On fucking social, you bastard.

Fucking spunk all over that cunt.

Spunk all over his fucking face.

Go on, you bastard.

Go on, you fucker. Go on.

Go on get that in him.

Get that all over him.

Go on, show us what you’re fucking made of.

You fucking piece of fucking shit.

If I get an electric bill, from you, you cunt, I’ll ram it down you’re fucking bastard throat.

Lazy fucking fucker.

All you do is go round reading fucking meters, up to fucking Meadowhall.


Go on, you tattooed, cunt.

Spunk on him. Spunk on him. You wasting piece of shit.

Spunk on him. Spunk on him. Spunk on him. Spunk on him.

Oppression is a fascinating thing. Groups that are already marginalised often become sexualised as a kind of fetish subject. These films provide a useful portrait of a community roleplaying its own harassment. ‘Get a fucking job’ are phrases familiar to those in the underclasses, as well as many of the viewers watching this film who grew up hearing these words from their parents. ‘Get a fucking better job’ goes the next level of this dilemma, for the meter man who still isn’t quite man enough.

Masculinity, as much as class is hung out for all to see in this film, which uses roleplays of aggression, violence, and ultimately male banter and bravado to both divide, and unite, this group of alpha males trying to compete amongst themselves – and with the rest of the world in the process – for whose going to be on top. The really subversive part? They don’t just fuck each other, they take turns fucking each other, and equality is achieved! Fuck you. No, Fuck YOU.

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